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Deepdive was founded in 2021 with the aim of providing you with the best and most efficient way of turning your brand to what you have envisioned it to become. 

The depth of deepdive lies in our industry experience, strategic thinking, and passion for helping brands achieving their purpose.

Through collaborating with local and international brands, we have a unique understanding of the process needed to get a deepdive look into everything that has an impact on your brand. 

We guide you on how to bypass different challenges in order to differentiate your brand from the competition and engage with your audiences.

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Deepdive was founded by Loucas Charalambides, a strategic marketer with hands-on experience in the advertising and communications industry. 

He had the privilege of working with leading local and international brands through multiple positions, including head of the digital department and strategic business development manager.

He is a holder of an MSc from Imperial College London in Strategic Marketing and a Professional Diploma from the Digital Marketing Institute. 

He is passionated with helping brands to grow through guiding them into achieving their objectives. 



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