Strategy, strategy, strategy…much more than just a buzz word.

It looks like you have questions. Let’s go deep and get you the answers. 

At deepdive, we have set up a framework that guides us through when developing strategies for our brands.

We don’t believe that this should be a secret but our aim is to share it with you in order to know the questions you need to be asking whenever a strategic plan is presented to you.

First key is to analyse your objectives. This is where we seek to analyse with you what your company ultimately wants to achieve. Are you seeking for engagement? For increasing awareness? For simply driving traffic to your e-shop? For making a stand and bringing change to the market?

Then we analyse the market, the competition (what are they missing?!) and all the external factors that can have an impact on your brand. Think of it as a bird’s eye view of your brand and surrounding market.

We don’t just scratch the surface, we go deep!


Next stop, is a thorough analysis of your target audience. We use our industry experience, empirical studies, consumer behaviour reports & even focus groups to get as much insights as possible.

  • Who are they? (simple demographics i.e Males/Females 25-45 are not enough!)

We need to understand their behaviour.

  • How do they currently feel about your brand?
  • How do we want them to ultimately feel about your brand?
  • What messages do we need to develop in order to close this gap?
  • What does their day look like? (mapping it down, from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep)

After extracting all those insights its time to develop our strategic direction

  • What will our ultimate value proposition be?
  • What is that one element that would differentiate us from the competition?
  • What will make us stand out in the market?
  • Where would our storytelling be based?
  • How do we want our brand to sound? What will our tone of voice be?
  • What will our path be?

What our way forward will be.

deepdive_strategy_4 copy

With this wealth of information, it is time to build the details of the strategy, the campaign architecture and the tactics needed to transfer the messages to our audience.

  • How many phases would the campaign have? (On going? Quarterly? Yearly?)
  • What kind of channels would we be using? Above The Line? Below The Line? Omni channel approach?
  • What specific tactics would we be needing in order to make our message heard?
  • How will we be communicating through our social media platforms?
  • What will our main content pillars be?

How your brand  will be creating an emotional connection & engagement with your audience.


Finally, we provide you with an analytical action plan and a draft budget allocation in order for you to know exactly how to proceed forward.

Now, this is not our time to disappear. It actually never is 🙂

We walk right next to you, guiding you at every step & reassuring you that your brand remains on the right path.

Ready to fulfil your vision? Get in touch and let’s go deep!